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House Digest

An incredibly successful Home & Garden publication providing expert advice and the latest news on topics related to Home & Garden, DIY projects, and more. As their in-house expert on gardening and sustainability, I produced dozens of well-researched blog articles ranging from sustainable gardening hacks to growing your food.

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Wacca Pilatka

An eco-inspired landscaping company based in Northern Florida on a mission to make the landscaping industry more sustainable, one yard at a time. By prioritizing native plants, sustainable garden design, and reducing overall inputs, Wacca Pilatka is revolutionizing the landscaping industry and helping to restore biodiversity and save our beloved Planet.

How Florida-Friendly Plants and Reducing Turf Can Help Save Both the Planet and Your Wallet

From A Green Desert To A Biodiverse Habitat: How Native Plants Can Bring Life To Your Yard

Haskn Agency

Direct response SEO editorial articles GARDYN - A sustainable indoor garden client

How To Grow Herbs Year Round With a Hydroponic Herb Garden

How To Grow Your Own Vegetables With an Indoor Aquaponics System

Successfully Growing Plants in Water Indoors

How To Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden

Benefits To Growing Plants Aeroponically

Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food with an Aquaponics System

Miss Tourist

Direct response long-form SEO written content for travel blog

Author Page with over 50 blog posts

Some of my favs:

29 Unique Things To Do in Destin, FL

Ultimate Guide To Ichetucknee Springs State Park

Things To Do in Miami | 27 Exciting Activities From a Local!

Waterfalls in Florida | 8 Stunning Places To Visit!

Chronic Guru

Informational SEO blog article content for an organic cannabis company and dispensary

Cannabis and Terpenes: What Are Terpenes?

How To Sober Up From Getting Too High

How To Make Your Own CBD Oil

What is Caryophyllene?

Techniques for Topping Weed Plants

White Cherry Gelato Weed Strain Review

Can Edibles Hit Instantly?

Traveling with CBD? 3 Essential Tips

12 Best CBD Strains For Pain

COVID-19 and CBGA: A Potential Treatment? + How To Make A CBGA Tincture

9 CBD Strains For Sleep

Sativa University

Informational long and short-form SEO articles for a cannabis university

Benefits and Uses of CBDa

How To Make Cannabis Oil in 3 Easy Steps

Best Weed Strains For Anxiety

DIY Cannabis Tincture

Are Weed Beverages The Future of Cannabis Use?

$23.83 Billion Dollar Cannabis Packaging Market

Tinctures Vs. Edibles: Which Is Best For You?

Best Weed Strains for Energy: Dealing With Fatigue

How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

How Hemp Can Save The World