It all started with a profound fascination with the natural world- and storytelling.

Ever since I can remember, I have been enamored with the natural world and the stories embedded within and throughout.

My passion for writing was birthed out of a deep love for the land and her flora and fauna. The sound of the trees, the ocean, and the ebb & flow of the rivers & streams all inspired me to express these mystical stirrings physically.

I first began writing earth-inspired poetry when I was young. I felt there were stories hidden both in crevices and in plain sight.

Stories begging to be unraveled...

Story-telling is in our DNA. It has been an integral process in how we make sense of the world around us.

Creating content that tells a story and connects people to the Earth that sustains us is my diving force.

My happy place is being surrounded by wildflowers

My road to writing for a living.

My journey began with journaling. I would write about my feelings and experiences. Always putting a creative spin on ordinary happenings.

Finding the magic in the mundane.

When I realized I could bridge my passion for writing with sustainability and health and wellness, a whole new world emerged for me.

Collaborating with brands that revere the Earth and actively work to mitigate the harsh effects of unsustainable practices is my bread and butter.

My quest with copywriting began with the then-budding hemp industry in 2017. I was hired to write DEI-informed, mindful content for a regenerative CBD farm & company.

I love creating beautiful and inspiring content that tells a story and stirs an emotional response within readers.

My copy builds trust and makes readers feel seen, heard, and inspired.

No one likes being blatantly sold something. Instead, I create compelling content that begs the reader to dive deeper and provides immense value.

This drives conversions and builds a strong sense of connection and community between the consumer and the brand.

The proof is in the strategy.

A successful strategy that incorporates conscious copy, an elevated and empathetic approach to marketing, education, DEI, and provides immense value is a recipe for success for any business!

When I'm not copywriting

~ I'm working in my garden.

~ Advocating for working with native plants to restore ecosystems & offset climate change.

~ A supporter of regenerative agriculture and hemp as a healing and highly versatile plant.

~ I'm exploring Nature Preserves with my dog Akasha.

~ I am reading up on intersectional environmentalism.

~ Making a delicious, organic, and healthy meal with my partner.

~ Meditating, studying astrology.

Let's work together to build your green business and uplift the Earth simultaneously.

Uplift the planet, drive conversions, and build lasting impressions + connections.