Brand Work

Project Background

Hudson Hemp is a regenerative hemp-derived CBD farm and brand. I was hired to spearhead brand development & content creation. I tapped into their audience and core demographic to increase traffic & conversions. I covered all their copy and content needs from B2B to DTC.

Creative Process

I worked with Hudson Hemp to enhance & diversify their social media copy, as well as to conduct all sorts of market research for both B2B wholesale clients and DTC customers.

The in-depth research I conducted is what allowed me to do a thorough job of elevating their brand strategy & social media presence.

Their brand messaging and overall content strategy were missing something crucial; the perspective & voice of LGBTQIA+ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

As a Brown Queer, Non-Binary woman, I was able to quickly rectify this and incorporate more diversity, inclusivity, and intersectionality into their brand messaging. This led to an overall increase in traffic and conversions. Diversifying their Branding & Content was an essential element in increasing Brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.

Final results

By integrating more inclusive content into Hudson Hemp's overall marketing & brand strategy, I optimized and boosted engagement across all of their platforms. Through my creative direction and being more intentional with their brand message, their overall following and engagement skyrocketed.

The impact of this work led to more B2B and DTC conversions for Hudson Hemp as well as increased trust and engagement with their core audience.

The increase in inclusivity in their marketing approach left their audience feeling seen, heard and represented.

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